Is Red Dead Online Cross Platform? Answered

Every gamer loves GTA 5 game and its online aspect. The game has a lot of incredible actions, scenes, and many addicting phases to enjoy. With its remaster released recently that can be played on Xbox Series X and the PS.

It was a big bash for the gaming community. The online mode of Red Dead is one the most alluring aspects of the game. This came with a lot of excitement and hope in our gaming lifestyle.

GTA Online offers most of the most enjoyable online and multiplayer games we have ever enjoyed playing. Just like every other game developed by GTA, gamers are wondering if Red Dead Online is a cross-platform game. Well, your questions are what we will be looking into in this guide. But one thing is sure to know.

Making an older game into a cross-platform game is never an easy task neither is it cost-friendly. So, for Red Dead Online to be a cross-platform game, it must have satisfied all the programming, financing, and resource requirements.

But before we answer the question if Red Dead Online is a cross-platform game. It is important that you understand what it means by a cross-platform game.

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A cross-platform game is a game you play by joining a server hosted by a player who is playing the game on another gaming console. You join his server from your different gaming console.

For instance, if I am playing Red Dead Online with my PS5 and you join me using your PS4 to play together as a team, that means the game is cross-platform. So, is Red Dead Online a cross-platform?


Red Dead was developed and released in 2019 after Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018. Red Dead is an amazing game delivering and satisfies a lot of expectations from gamers across the globe. You will travel to all the wilderness in the game to fight foes and win battles. But what many have not figured out is if Red Dead Online is cross-platform.

Even though the game is enjoyed by millions of players across the world, it falls short of its highly expected feature. As of 2022, Red Dead Online started losing players as they abandoned the game due to uninteresting updates from the developers.

Any gamers long waited to see the introduction of the Red Dead Online cross-platform feature. But this expectation was never satisfied by the developer and the platform became an empty zone.

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With all the promises from the developers that cross-platform will be introduced in the game till date. It was never introduced and this made Red Dead Online not to be a cross-platform game. No matter the gaming console you are playing from, Red Dead Online has not released any cross-platform feature to any of these consoles.

Therefore, Red Dead Online is not a cross-platform game. Whether you are playing it on Xbox One, Xbox series X/S, or even on a PlayStation console. You can’t play with your friend in a cross-platform feature.

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