Idle Awakening Codes

Idle Awakening is a role-playing game with a plot in which players may have fun by calling upon some famous anime characters.

Idle Awakening codes are unique codes that unlock new characters, items, and features in the popular mobile game.

Suppose you’ve ever played an idle game before. In that case, you know how frustrating it can be to discover that you must use the idle awakening code to progress.

Idle awakening codes are special codes that can unlock extra content or progress further in an idle game.

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In this blog post, we’ll dive into the different types of idle awakening codes, how to acquire them, and how to use them to maximize your idle gaming experience. So stay tuned and read on for a comprehensive guide on idle awakening codes!

About The Game

The finest part of the game is that players may join forces with their favorite anime character. Since it is hosted on a server, gamers may expect to interact with others.

In Idle Awakening, players can assemble a squad of five heroes from their summoning pool. Players can set up manually or go for a rapid dispatch and trust the game to make the greatest team possible from all the characters they control.

The game’s basics are straightforward: players need only touch on the character they choose to play in manual mode, and that character will make the greatest possible move.

The Idle Awakening Code is made available to you by the game’s creators. Developers of Idle Awakening games typically distribute discount coupons for various events and occasions like festivals, collaborations, partnerships, game upgrades, and so on.

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In-game resources, including Gold, Gems, Tickets, and Stones, may be obtained at no cost by entering the Idle Awakening Code.

Idle Awakening Codes

  • FT888 – Use this code to get Adv. ticket
  • FT777 – Use this code to get 100K gold
  • FT666 – Use this code to get 200 gems
  • NCF4747880A2C4 – Use this code to get 70x Break Stones, 10x Tickets, Adv. ticket, 5x Treasure Ticket, 5x Refresh Ticket, 5x CHallenge Ticket, 3x Magic Stones, 800k Gold, 288 Gems, 200k Hero EXP, Rem Hero card, and 30x 4-star random shards.

How to redeem Idle Awakening codes?

Here is the whole procedure for redeeming an Idle Awakening Code:

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  • To play Idle Awakening, start the game and then select your character.
  • Then, go to where it says “Settings” and pick “Redeem.”
  • Finally, like the claim button to receive your free Idle Awakening in-game gifts after entering the code.


Using Idle Awakening codes can give players a great advantage and access to exclusive content. Using the codes, you can access new levels, items, characters, powerful boosts, and exclusive rewards.

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