How To Get Cyborg Race In Blox Fruits

Have you been trying to obtain the Cyborg Race in Blox Fruit without success? After going through this guide and following the steps we have discussed here. You will be able to get the Cyborg Race. Although, it’s never easy to get this as there are a lot of missions to complete before getting into the Cyborg Race.

You will complete small puzzle quests to obtain this Cyborg Race. Cyborg Race is very essential in Blox Fruit and that’s why most gamers add it to their character profile when they obtain it. before you will be rewarded with the Cyborg Race, you must have completed the Cyborg puzzle.

The puzzle is after you have obtained the Fist of Darkness. You will also complete the Order raid to obtain the Core Brain and you will be ready to complete the puzzle. After that, you will receive the Cyborg Race.

So, the following actions will be needed to get the Cyborg Race. Let’s Go!

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How to get the Fist of Darkness?

The first agender in getting Cyborg Race is to receive the Fist of Darkness. There are two ways you can get the Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits:

  • Defeating a Sea Beast: You can easily obtain the Fist of Darkness when you defeat the Sea Beast. There is a high probability that it will drop upon defeat. The Sea Beast is found in the open sea areas when you go to the Second and Third Seas in the game.
  • Opening Chest: Fist of Darkness is sometimes dropped in a random chest and can be picked up if you find it. although, just one Fist of Darkness is often left in all the chests in the game. The Fist of Darkness will be in one of the chests every four hours since the server starts. But this system is very difficult as there are many chests. So, it is better to monitor the Sea Beast and defeat it to obtain the item.

How to get the Core Brain?

Now that you got the Fist of Darkness, your next agenda is to get the Core Brain. To get this, tap on the Order Raid button seen in the Secret Laboratory.

It is on the Hot side when you look at the Hot and Cold landmark situated in the Second Sea. Once you tap the button, you will see a message that reads “Your <Fist of Darkness> has been processed. Please supply a <Core Brain> to continue.”

Tap the button again to jump into the Order raid. You have to defeat the Order or the Law miniboss that is based inside the Lab BATTLE Arena.

Defeating the miniboss grants you the Core Brain. Note that you will not be granted this Core Brain unless you had started the RAID earlier by using the Fist of Darkness from your inventory.

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Core Brain has a 5% probability to be dropped by the Order when you defeat it. so, use more armor and special abilities to win the Order and get the Core Brain.

How to get Cyborg Race Blox Fruits – Unlock Requirements

Now you have obtained the Core Brain, your next line of action now is to get the Cyborg Race. The steps below will guide you.

Since you have the Core Brain now in your inventory, click the same button you used to start the Law raid. There is an invisible NPC that will respond to you, pay the NPC 2500 Fragments to receive the Cyborg Race.

Cyborg Race can be evolved into different versions to make it stronger. Now that you have your Cyborg Race, let’s see how to evolve it to a stronger version.

How to get Cyborg Race Blox Fruits – V2

Steps to evolve a Cyborg Race to version 2.

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  • You are required to complete the Colosseum Quest (Bartolo in the cafe)
  • It will cost you 500,000 Cash to evolve the Cyborg Race into version 2.
  • Now complete the V2 Races Giver: Alchemist in the Green Zone > Complete his Flower Quest (it is the same quest for all races)

How to get Cyborg Race Blox Fruits – V3

After evolving the Cyborg Race to Version 2, it is time to upgrade it to Version 3.

Follow the steps below:

  • You must have evolved Cyborg Race to version 2 and finished the Flamingo Quest
  • You will spend 2,000,000 Cash to evolve the Cyborg Race version 2 into version 3.
  • Now complete this quest: V2 Races Giver: Flower Plains > Secret Entrance that leads to Arowe > Complete the quest (varies depending on the race)

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Completing Cyborg V3 Quest

You can complete the Cyborg Race Version 3 quest easily by just giving a physical Devil Fruit to Arowe. This is one of the easiest quests you complete in this mission. You can buy a random physical Devil Fruit from the Blox Fruit shop when you can. If you don’t want to buy it, you can also search for the Devil Fruit as they have a high probability to spawn.

Final Thoughts

That’s all the information that is needed to be known in getting Cyborg Race in Blox Fruits

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