Da Hood Codes (Updated)

In this guide, we have provided all the working Da Hood codes to enable you to get fantastic freebies in the game. You will receive a lot of goodies like cash, weapons, gears, XP, etc. to enable you to upgrade your character faster.

Da Hood Roblox is not like every other game where you play in simulation. Rather, Roblox Da Hood puts you in real-life situations as you play in the game. You have to make wise decisions to survive and win in any mission given to you.

In the DA Hood Roblox, you either play as a cop and be arresting criminals or lock them up. You can also choose to play as a criminal and go for robbing.

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When caught and lock up, you will find your way to escape from the prison. There are a lot of actions to enjoy playing Roblox Da Hood. But with the codes, we will share below, you can evolve your character faster and make it stronger in any circumstance you want to play.

Da Hood Active Codes:

  • MOMMY – 100k cash (new!)
  • MOTHERSDAY – 100k cash
  • PIXEL2023 – 150k cash
  • EASTER2023 – 150k cash

What are Da Hood codes?

Da Hood developers are known for releasing new codes whenever their games reach a stipulated milestone. They do that to celebrate the fans you helped them achieve this. So, with the codes, you will receive different kinds of rewards when you redeem them in the game. It can also grant you enough cash to buy fantastic weapons to launch a tactful offensive against police officers and warders.

How do I redeem Da Hood Codes?

The steps below should guide you to redeem the Roblox Da Hood codes with ease.

  • Launch your Roblox app and navigate to find Da Hood.
  • Launch Da Hood.
  • Look at the bottom of the game menu to see a list of icons there.
  • Tap on the icon shown on the right-hand side, the extreme.
  • Type in any of the codes here.
  • Hit the redeem button to get your rewards.
  • Use your freebies to develop your character and deal with foes.

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So, these are just the steps you follow to redeem the codes. Be informed that these codes should be typed in as they are. You can as well copy and paste the codes to ensure that they are typed in correctly. The codes are case-sensitive.

Where To Find More Da Hood Codes

As said in the preceding paragraphs, Da Hood developers often release new codes for the game when they reach a milestone.

You can know when new codes are released when you follow them on social media handles. Like and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube channel. These are places they usually announce their latest codes.

Another important platform to get Da Hood’s latest codes is by joining their Official Discord server. In the server, the members share every update that is needed for the game. Therefore, new codes are also shared here and can be picked by you when you’re on the platform.

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