Brawlhalla Codes (Updated)

Brawlhalla is a very alluring game and has unique characters that make me enjoy my game. The characters are smart, strong, and robust to my liking.

Furthermore, Brawlhalla allows players to customize their characters to give them a decent appearance. So, the game is much more of a creativity and action.

The codes, we will share with you in this guide. You will receive a lot of freebies like weapons, unique skins, special abilities, XP, and much more. So, sit tight as we journey down the guide together.

You can come across Brawlhalla on many online gaming platforms like Steam, Epic Gamers, and more. The characters in the game all have special abilities which you will control to win any battle. It’s quite interesting and addicting to play.

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What I enjoy again in Brawlhalla are the guest characters they often throw into the game to fight with. We have seen unique characters like John Cena, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even Rayman.

You can customize any of these characters with an unlockable skin which can be gotten only through Brawlhalla codes. When you redeem the codes, you might be lucky to have these unlockable skins.

Brawlhalla Latest Codes

Here are all the latest codes you can redeem in Brawlhalla to get amazing rewards and unique skins.

  • GQTG6J-BB8CJZ – Prime Gaming iron legion bundle (new!)
  • P97TJ9-Z521XV – mysterious stranger bundle
  • X1RHS4-9GF2KB – Space dogfighter bundle

How to redeem codes

The steps below guide you to redeem the codes. Be informed that Brawlhalla codes are case-sensitive and should be typed in as they appear on our blog. You should copy and paste the code into the Brawlhalla code redeeming text box.

  • Launch your Brawlhalla game.
  • When it loads to Main Menu, look at the bottom to see a Store.
  • Select the STORE to open it.
  • When the store opens, you will see three purple buttons at the left corner of the screen. It’s at the bottom edge.
  • Choose the button written Redeem Code.

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  • When the text box appears to insert the codes. You either type them in one after the other or you copy and paste the code here.
  • Once pasted or typed in, hit on Enter to get your free rewards.

Once your code is inserted accurately, a pop-up will appear notifying you that the code has been redeemed. Follow the steps to redeem every other code in this guide.

Brawlhalla codes to redeem on Twitter

Some Brawlhalla codes cannot be redeemed directly in the game menu as you did above. Some codes are special codes are must be redeemed with the help of Twitter. To redeem Brawlhalla codes with Twitter, follow the steps below:

  • Your first step is to follow @ProBrawlhalla’s Twitter Once there, you will see many Brawlhalla codes waiting to be redeemed. Note that you can only redeem these codes once.
  • To start redeeming the codes, login into your Twitter account and visit the Brawlhalla Twitter handle again. You will use the link below to start redeeming these codes one after another. Currently, we have just this code you can redeem on Twitter with the link. More codes will be added when they’re made available by the developer.

When you click the link above after you have followed them on Twitter, you will see your one-time Twitter Brawlhalla code appear for redemption.

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Brawlhalla codes to Redeem on YouTube

Some codes are specifically redeemed on YouTube other than in the game or on Twitter. To redeem the YouTube codes, you must follow the Brawlhalla YouTube channel. These codes are redeemed through Twitch. So, login into your YouTube now and subscribe to Brawlhalla’s YouTube page.

When you have subscribed, click the link below and follow the screen guide to complete the code redeeming. Remember, these codes are more peculiar than the ones shared above. They also give more rewards than the codes redeemed in-game.

Once you have completed the onscreen instructions. You will your Brawlhalla YouTube codes appear which you can redeem for rare items.

What are Brawlhalla codes used for?

These codes are mainly for cosmetic purposes and are used to customize your characters. But sometimes, the codes can give you many unexpected rewards. What you need to do is to keep on redeeming all the codes shared here as you may not know the code that has the special reward in them.

Where To Get More Brawlhalla Codes

Brawlhalla codes can be gotten from social media handles and channels as we were informed above. Some codes are gotten from Twitter, some from YouTube, and you can get other normal codes from Facebook and Telegram.

Ensure to participate and join the social media groups to know when new codes are released. Also, joining their official discord server is important as codes shared on their social media channels will be shared on the server. So, there are many ways you can get the latest Brawlhalla codes to get your freebies.

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